Alliyah and Kyle's Wedding

Alliyah and Kyle's Wedding

"I've been watching you run around this place all night and you haven't stopped once to grab a drink of water or bite to eat, if you don't do it after this conversation, we're going to tie you down and force you."

Saturday June 11, 2016 I shot an absolutely beautiful wedding between Alliyah and Kyle McPeeks. Each and every one of us was unsure about the weather cooperating with us because of just the Tuesday before, a tropical storm pouring over the state, and all the days following nothing but rain. The luck was in their corner, though, and it produced one of the most eye catching weddings I've been a part of shooting so far. Watching & capturing the love & preparation between these two throughout the day and weeks before sent my heart into a great big AW. Below is a slideshow video I made, and the other photo is a link to the full set of images taken on their big day.

Congrats Alliyah And Kyle!

The album

The Video