The ULTIMATE Gift This Christmas

The ULTIMATE Gift This Christmas!

This year has had some TRYING times. But we got through it.

We've been so busy thinking about other things the past few months, we've started to stray away from those that truly matter, and it has you feeling disconnected from those you love. I want to connect with YOU again, and be able for you to connect with the ones that you love in a beautiful way. And what is the ultimate gift? This year, I'm introducing an amazing collaboration between my print company and artist Chelsea Peteja to bring you the most beautiful Holiday and New Years cards you've ever seen. Take a look at some of the cards printed!

These are just some of the incredible designs that are available to choose. The card stock is a high quality photographic paper that is eggshell textured and made from 100% recyclable materials. Your image on it is the ultimate way to end the year! However, time is to the WIRE and if you're interested, Contact and schedule your shoot before December 6th for both Holiday & New Years Card shoots!