Prepare For Your Shoot!

Preparing For Your Shoot!


  1. What do you charge!? It isn't on your website anywhere!
    – I've created 3 unique packages for every service I offer, there is a package tailored specifically for that shoot. If you have further questions about pricing, contact me HERE.
  2. What about my acne? Do you charge extra for editing/retouching?
    – Not at all! All images are retouched at no extra cost.
  3. When will I see my images?
    Depending on the shoot, within 10-12 days, [depending on the shoot,] a sneak peak video will be sent to you with several images from the shoot to send to friends/family or simply for you to view.
  4. How many photos will you take?
    Enough to accurately tell the story of the day!
  5. How do I book with you?
    Simply filling out the Contact page will let you have the option to choose/request right down to the specific day.
  6. Forms of Payment Accepted?
    Check or Cash payment is due upon decision of package, before the shoot.
  7. What if it rains?
    We will reschedule your shoot on the next day available at your convenience.
  8. What do I wear!?
    There are some occasions where Maternity shoot dresses are amazing, but if you don't do dresses, DON'T BE UNCOMFORTABLE. For guys, that goes the same. If you're getting thrown into dress shoes and don't want to be, kick em' off and BRING ON THE CONVERSE! I recommend 2-3 changes of clothes (most locations I choose have changing stations) polo, tank tops, button down or three quarter length sleeves. Jeans, light and dark, along with capris look great. Black, charcoal, royal blue, navy, burgundy, red, tan, pink, purple and white photograph best. Plaid and striped shirts look great. Avoid: Very light pastel and neon colors. T-shirts with oversized logos covering the front of the shirt.
  9. Can I use props in my shoot? ex: Violin, Basketball, Boutique Signs, Ultra-sound photo [etc.]
    PLEASE! The more details I'm able to photograph make the story of your shoot that much more awesome! Let me know what ideas you've got and we'll definitely make it work!

If you have any other questions, please contact me HERE!