Quality > Anything

Quality > Anything

When I decided to launch my photography business, I knew from the beginning, that the blueprints of what I created would be traced back to the highest quality material, but only if it was the highest recycled quality. Companies like Apple are paving the way to the future in changing how technology is put out into the world, but equally as important, recycled back into it, in many cases, into new technology. Not only recycling, but right down to the energy used to re-produce those same devices.

The ultimate goal is to have a beautiful piece of art, showcasing your entire life.
I'm creating work that is MEANT to outlive us. To have our grandchildren look at after we're gone and they're missing us. This is no C-D.

This means using the best companies ONLY using 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
The company that produces my wall prints, & canvases is FSC Certified. Meaning, paper and the wood for the frames are harvested in a responsible manner. All materials are able to be reused, especially the smart packaging it is shipped in. For power, they also heavily rely on solar energy for all of their print labs.

I've made it a point to do my part in leaving the planet better than we found it, not being blind to the problem, not compromising on quality. Re-using materials that could have been forgotten about, and turning it into something beautiful. There's a bit more story in it. Don't you think?


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