The Purpose Behind The Experience

This was made into a large wall portrait I offer. It hangs in the entryway hall to my home.
It represents the sole purpose of why I love photography. Preserving moments like this.

       My grandmother developed the disease known as Alzheimer's. Throughout time watching the stages progress, I couldn't help but shake the fact that as time went on, she would slowly forget about beautiful moments my mother and we all shared as a family.
       I was angry. I wanted to show something for it. I wanted to combat the disease when the time arose. So I dove head first into portrait photography. To capture those beautiful pieces of our lives that one day we might somehow manage to let slip from us.
       Finishing my Sophomore year, I was told my last two years I would be photography editor of the Yearbook. I slowly built my brand, began doing shoots for seniors graduating from my high school, and mustering up the courage to shoot two of my first weddings just a few weeks in-between. I realized in photographing those moments, I do what I love. Preserving memories in the most beautiful way there is for others, so that they won't ever forget.

gear that I use

The Purpose Within The Product

Using print companies that use 100% post consumer recycled paper was a decision that was without a doubt  to me extremely important. My print company that produces my books repurposes Mountain Beetle Pine wood–considered waste–to create all wood products I offer.

I strive to be kind to mama earth. I'm committed to using environmentally responsible papers, and rethinking how and why I create quality products whose final resting place is not a landfill. To reduce my footprint, all in the spirit of becoming a better person, connecting and preserving memories. Always.

Core Values

Passion – Without it, I am nothing

Creativity – For all things and every story

Legacy – Archiving the story for future generations.